Spring 2020 Newsletter

MnRDC Newsletter | Spring 2020 


Update: COVID-19 Closures
The MnRDC and all other FSRDC locations have been closed since March 16. During this time, all projects have been in a paused status. Plans to reopen the FSRDC network are under development, and reopening MnRDC will need to account for FSRDC requirements and the UMN sunrise plan. Once a plan is in place, Cathy Fitch and Rachelle Hill will be in contact with all researchers with current projects.

Proposal development and webinars
While access to data has been suspended, Rachelle Hill is working and project development continues. Do you have an idea for a research project? Feel free to contact Rachelle directly to discuss possible research, including those that address COVID-related research questions. Rachelle and Cathy Fitch are also available for webinar presentations to departments, describing data resources and the application process. We can tailor these presentations to the audience, and these can be 15 to 45 minutes long. Let us know if you have a seminar, grad training event or other venue to talk about the FSRDC. Contact Rachelle at [email protected]

Data: Household Pulse and Small Business Pulse Surveys
In response to the unprecedented circumstances presented by COVID-19 and the urgent need for data, the U.S. Census Bureau launched two new experimental surveys to measure temporal social and economic trends in the nation’s small businesses and households over the next three months. We expect that restricted versions of these datasets will be available in the FSRDC. Please see this website or contact Rachelle for more information.

Data Announcements

NEW Criminal Justice Administrative Records System (CJARS)
The CJARS is a nationally integrated repository of data following individuals through the criminal justice system. The data are expected to be available to researchers in late 2020. More information can be found here. Contact Rachelle for more information.

2018 National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses (NSSRN)
The data from the NSSRN helps to evaluate and project the supply and demand of nursing resources. The NSSRN also examines the characteristics of nurses, such as education and training, employment, income, and demographics. Contact Rachelle for additional information.

New RDC Project!

Living Alone: Rural-Urban Differences in Prevalence, Socio-Demographic Correlates, and Health Across The Lifespan
Investigator: Carrie Henning-Smith and Ashley Hernandez
There has been a steady increase in the prevalence of living alone across the U.S. over the past century, with more people living alone today than ever before. Living alone is a primary risk factor for social isolation and has been associated with poorer health. However, very little is known about the prevalence and correlates of living alone for rural residents and how those differ from urban residents. In this project, we will use restricted National Health Interview Survey data to identify individual-level correlates of living alone, including health status and socio-demographic characteristics, as well as county-level correlates of rural places where people are most likely and least likely to live alone.

General Announcements

Opportunity to Co-Sponsor Seminar Talks
We know that many departments are proceeding with plans for seminar talks in fall – whether in person or virtually. We’re happy to co-sponsor events that bring FSRDC scholars to your department to talk about research produced within the FSRDC network. Funds are available to help defray any travel costs (when we’re doing that again). Contact Cathy at [email protected].

Future Newsletters

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Upcoming Holidays and Events

6/8 - 6/11 – Rachelle on vacation
6/29 – Rachelle on vacation
7/4 – Federal Holiday
8/31 - 9/2 – Rachelle on vacation
9/7 – Federal Holiday

As a federal facility, the MnRDC is not supported on federal holidays. Additional information regarding coverage days that Rachelle is out of the office will be sent closer to the dates listed above.

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