Getting Started

Researchers should consult with the RDC Administrator about the content and form of a research proposal early in the proposal development process. The RDC Administrator will help researchers prepare and submit materials per the current guidelines. The proposal development and application process is time intensive and typically takes between 6 and 12 months depending on the complexity of the project and the researchers availability for revisions. The administrator can assist researchers in determining data availability and in preparing high-quality proposals.

Researchers with projects requesting use of Census economic or demographic data use the following process:

  1. Contact Gina, the RDC Administrator, to discuss your research and determine how MnRDC can help your project.
  2. Review available data and an overview of the proposal submission process at
  3. Complete a brief preliminary proposal. Send your preliminary proposal to Gina, accompanied by a two-page Curriculum Vitae.
  4. Work with the RDC Administrator in developing your final proposal. The full proposal includes:
    1. curriculum vitae of all investigators on the proposed project,
    2. abstract of the proposal,
    3. project description (full proposal), and
    4. statement of benefits to the Census Bureau.
  5. Submit the proposal.
  6. Once approved, apply for Special Sworn Status (SSS).

Researchers with projects requesting use of NCHS or AHRQ data use the following process:

  1. Review the information regarding available data and the application process via NCHS ( and AHRQ.
  2. Contact the MnRDC Administrator to ensure your project is feasible in an FSRDC.
  3. Work with your assigned NCHS Analyst or the AHRQ Data Center Coordinator to prepare your proposal.
  4. Submit your proposal.
  5. Notify the MnRDC Administrator once your project has been approved and submit a brief preliminary proposal
  6. Apply for Special Sworn Status (SSS).
  7. Coordinate data availability with your NCHS and AHRQ analyst.