Fall 2019 Newsletter



Annual Business Survey (ABS)
The Annual Business Survey (ABS) is a new annual survey fielded by the Census Bureau that replaces the Survey of Business Owners, the Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs, and the Business R&D and Innovation Survey for Microbusinesses. It is currently scheduled to be in the field 2017 to 2021. The 2017 data is expected to be available for researchers in the coming year. Contact Rachelle for additional information.

Longitudinal Business Database (LBD) now Includes Revenue
The Longitudinal Business Database (LBD) will soon include revenue. Revenue will be available from 1997 forward for researchers with approved access to this version of the LBD. Contact Rachelle for more information on this update and whether your project would be eligible to use this version.


Analysis of Structural Racism in Labor Markets and Infant Birth Weight, 2008-2017
Investigator: Bert Chantarat, Rachel Hardeman & Kari Mentzer
Research linking structural racism to health inequities has focused primarily on a measure of residential segregation. Our study focuses on the extent to which structural racism in labor markets contributes to racial inequity in birth outcomes between White, US-born Black, and foreign-born Black women. We use the National Center for Health Statistics' restricted natality file to assess the association between structural racism in labor markets and infant birth weight, stratified by the women's race and nativity. Results will inform public health professionals and policymakers how inequity in other non-health domains contribute to health inequities.


Join the MnRDC at the ISRDI Open House!
Thursday, October 24
3:00-5:00 PM, with Center Director remarks at 3:45 PM
ISRDI Seminar Room in 50 Willey Hall
Learn more about each of our four centers that make up the Institute for Social Research and Data Innovation and the services and opportunities they offer.

  • Talk to experts from the IPUMS data team
  • Learn about data in the MnRDC
  • Find out about services to help with all stages of your research
  • There will be heavy appetizers and drinks, along with games and some friendly competition.

Opportunity to Co-Sponsor Seminar Talks
Would you like to invite an FSRDC researcher to your department for a seminar to talk about research produced within the FSRDC network? Contact Cathy Fitch about the possibility of the MnRDC co-sponsoring your seminar. Funds are available to help defray the seminar speaker's travel expenses. Cathy can be reached at [email protected]

Proposal Development
Do you have an idea for a research project in the MnRDC? Feel free to contact us to discuss possible research opportunities. We are available to help clarify what data may be available, the requirements for using the data, and in developing a proposal. To get you started, a list of available datasets can be found here. Contact Rachelle at 612.626.4365 or [email protected] to get started.


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As a federal facility, the RDC is not supported on federal holidays. Also, unless researchers make arrangements in advance, Rachelle will be working from home on days when the University is closed. Additional information regarding coverage days that Rachelle is out of the office will be sent closer to the dates listed above.

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