MnRDC Newsletter | Spring 2017

Data Announcements

2004-2014 CPS Data on School Enrollment
The Current Population Survey (CPS) School enrollment data is collected each October. The supplement gathers information on school enrollment and educational attainment for individuals in the household. Additional questions on topics such as language proficiency, computer use and access, disability, student mobility and private school tuition are occasionally included. More information can be found at the CES website.

2014 Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs 
The Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs (ASE) is a newly fielded survey that collects economic and demographic characteristics on businesses and business owners and samples firms with paid employees. This survey will provide information on the status, scope and nature of women-, minority-, and veteran-owned businesses on a yearly basis. Though similar to the Survey of Business Owners (SBO), there are important differences between the two surveys. See the ASE website for more information

New RDC Project! 

Migration Trajectories of International Students in the United States
Investigators: Jasmine Trang Ha, Elizabeth Boyle, Jack DeWaard, Ann Meier & John Robert Warren The study examines two questions. First, the researchers ask whether and how characteristics of first destination influence international students’ subsequent spatial mobility within the United States. Second, they consider how international students’ spatial mobility maps on to transitions across visa types. The researchers use data from the 2010 and 2015 National Survey of College Graduates (NSCG) with restricted identifiers to link with the American Community Survey (ACS). Their goal is to generate the first account of international students’ migration trajectories across U.S. states, metropolitan areas, and cities.

General Announcements

Save the Date: RDC Conference!
The 2017 RDC conference is scheduled for September 14th, 2017 and will be hosted by UCLA. The Call for Papers is available at the RDC conference website.

Proposal Development 
Do you have an idea for a research project in the MN RDC? Feel free to contact me to discuss possible research opportunities. I am available to help clarify what data may be available, the requirements for using the data, and in developing a proposal. To get you started, read our a list of available datasets. Contact me at 612.626.4365 or [email protected] to get started.

Future Newsletters
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Upcoming Holidays and Events:

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  • 9/4 (Federal Holiday)
  • 9/13-9/14 (RDC conference, Rachelle out)

As a federal facility, the RDC is not supported on federal holidays. Also, unless researchers make arrangements in advance, I will be working from home on days when the University is closed. Additional information regarding coverage days that I am out of the office will be sent closer to the dates listed above.

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